When you take your pets abroad, what do you need to do?

It is recommended that exporter contact the Animal Quarantine Service office in advance at your earliest convenience for inspection appointment. (Note: There is some cases that exporter should contact Animal Quarantine Service more early depends on entering conditions of the country which dogs or cats are traveling to.)
For pre-export confirmation, Animal Quarantine Service strongly reccomend exporter to send copies or pdf files of certificates/reference documents or its drafts by fax or e-mail to an Animal Quarantine Service office in departure air(sea)port.
This is for to prevent failure of export on export inspection for mistaken paperwork.
Please email us if you have any questions.

e-mail : hospital@igusa-animal.com

What we can do at our clinic is that


First consultation fee 1650 yen
Implanting a microchip 5500 yen
Issuing its certificate (English) 5500 yen
Giving a rabies vaccine and its certificate (Japanese) 3500 yen
Issuing its certificate (English) 5500 yen
Rabies antibody testing and its certificate (English) 32000 yen
Issuing a health certificate (English) 11000 yen


When you’d like to make an appointment for a consultation regarding your pet’s export at our animal clinic, please enter the following data and send it in order to make a certificate of your pet accurately.
Then we will send some possible dates and the estimate to you back in order to set the consultation date and time.

※ required field

Your name
Your address
Phone number
E-mail address
Estimated date of departure
Your pet’s name
Animal Species
Date of Birth
Microchip Number
Date of Implantation of Microchip
Rabies Vaccination History(the last two times)
Do you need “Rabies Antibody Test Certificate”? (Note: It takes 2~3 weeks)
Do you need to give a “Rabies Vaccination” for your pet?
Do you need to implant a “Microchip” for your pet?
Do you need a “Health certificate” for your pet?